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LIVE UPDATES: A new version of our "Norm connect" app is now available for Android (Sep t0h 2023) in Google play - fixes includes Android 13 bug and also new firmware to add new functions (Vibration on/off, Scroll speed) iOS update (Aug. 28th 2023) - Inroducing new firmware for Norm 1. Let you turn off vibration and set scroll speed. Fixes bug with heart rate sensor.

Google fit and Apple health has now been added to the Norm Connect app.

Troubleshooting FAQ

The watch will not charge

Please check if all the cables are connected and then try removing the watch from the charging base and laying it on top again. Please retry this a couple of times if the problem continues. Also make sure that the protective film on the back of the watch is removed. If still not charging try connecting the base to a different USB charger.

I don’t get texts or notifications on the watch. What should I do ?

First make sure that push notifications are turned on for the specific app in the phones general settings. For Iphone (iOS) you need to set the app to do notifications to the "notification center". Also please check in the NORM app settings menu - “notifications” that all are turned on. On Iphone please also make sure that "show preview" is turned to "always" in the notification settings on the Iphone. If you still experience the problem please unpair the watch in the NORM app in the settings menu - “unpair” and right after remove the watch in the phones general bluetooth settings. Then connect/pair the NORM 1 and the phone again using the NORM app (do not pair the watch in the phones general bluetooth setting). On Android you can see in notification settings what apps that are direcly supported. Some apps in Android can have problems sending notifications if they are not in the list.

The watch is suddenly showing the wrong time

Please open the NORM Connect app and go to setting and press calibrate and follow the instructions in the app. Make sure both hands are at 12 when making the calibration in the app. You should not set the time on the watch. It will do this automatically.

The watch is suddenly displaying the same notifications again

This can occur in some instances if the watch looses connection to the phone and then reconnects. A way to get around this is to clear old notifications form the phones notification center.

How do I turn off notifications on the watch ?

If you go to settings in the NORM Connect app and press notifications. You are now able to control what kind of notifications are send to the watch. If you want to turn on or off specific apps you can go to the phone general setting and ask the app to turn off/on the push notifications.

How do I adjust the icons displayed on the NORM app "Activity" home screen?

Please open the NORM Connect app and go to setting and advanced in the top. Press "Display" and you can now decide what functions to display in the app.

How do I connect the watch to my phone ?

Please read the step by step instruction in the "get started" manual that you will find in the watch box. You can also watch the video below for a discription of how to do it (Iphone). In some versions of the Android app you need to press the picture of the hybrid smart watch in the "connect" screen to get to the next screen that allows you to see the id number of the watch and connect.

How do I adjust my Metal Chain watch strap ?

You Metal Chain watch strap come with an adjustment tool. To see how to use it and adjust the strap please watch the video below. "How to adjust your Metal Chain strap".

How do I change the watch strap

Next to the instruction manual you will find a sprin bar tool. This tool is used to change the original watch strap provided with the NORM 1. Most other straps comes with a quick release bar that can be used without a tool for easy assembling. Please watch the video below "How to use a quick release bar and a spring bar tool."

Where can I read the instruction manual ?

If you scroll down on this page you will find the instruction manual below the videos.

The heart rate sensor is not working

Please navigate to the settings menu and go to heart rate monitor. Here you will be able to set up auto tracking of the heart rate. You can also navigate the watch menu to the heart symbol and hold down the crown. This will activate the heart rate sensor. Please make sure that the watch is straped tight to you wrist for the best result.

Crown setting in app is not working

The crown settings menu in our app is made for next generation NORM watches and does not apply to the NORM 1. We are sorry for the confusion.

The step tracking is not working

Normally it can take a bit of time for the sensor to start tracking. Customers have had succes by restarting the watch from the advanced settings menu 4-6 times (not reset). This has made the step tracking work. If it's not tracking try go for a short run. You can also try to disconnect the watch and connect it again to the app. Please also go to settings and advanced where you will be able to reset the watch if non of the above works out. If this does not help make sure the watch is fully charged. First time using the watch sometimes the watch needs to be on for more the 24 hours before it starts tracking. The watch will reset the counter 12pm to start fresh.

My step and distance tracking is not correct

Please make sure that you perosonal date is updated in the app. Go to the settings menu and press the round grey circle in the top left corner ofthe screen.

My notifications only show the number and not the name of my contacts.

We are aware that some of you are having a problem with the notification showing the phone number of the perosn sending the message and not the name you have in your phones contacts. We are trying to find the bug and fix this issue for our next app update in week 48.

My minut or hour hand is struck and not moving.

Please go to the advanced settings menu and restart the watch a couple of times. If this does not work please try to reset the watch from the advanced settings menu.

My display has turned off and bluetooth is not working

When battery level get low the watch will automatically turn off the OLED display and the bluetooth. The watch will save the last part of the battery to only power the mechanically hands to show you the analog time.

My Norm 1 will not connect to the Norm app but I can see the watch in Phones Bluetooth settings.

Please try to completely remove the watch from the phones bluetooth settings so it forgets the device. Then restart the phone and go directly to the Norm app. In the settings menu please go to connect and you should see the watch.

How to connect the NORM 1 to you Phone (iPhone)

See the Norm in action and learn how it operates

How to use a quick release bar and a spring bar tool

How to adjust your Metal Chain strap

Instruction manual