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The Norm Connect app is an app that lets you connect your NORM 1 watch to your phone. The app will let you see the data recorded on the watch and aslo allow for notifications on the watch. Its a hleping too to get the most out of your NORM 1 watch. The app does not collect any perosnal data.

What will this app do with user data?

The Norm Connect app will collect the data from the watch and store the data locally. You can also add personal data like hight, weight and gender in the app that the app will save but only store locally on your phone.

How does this app enhance user functionality?

The Norm Connect app will allow you to get data from your NORM 1 watch and display it in a graphic way on your phone. It also allow you to get the data from the watch into google fit. The app also makes it possible for other apps to send notifications to the watch so you can see and read messages directly on the watch display. The app also allows you to set up the watch and use simple functions like alarms and reminders.

Describe the content, context, or connection to the app:

The Norm Connect app works as a connection between your phone and the NORM 1 hybrid smartwatch. It allows you to connect and communicate with the NORM 1 watch. It's avalable for Android and iOS. Norm Denmark Aps is the owner of the app as well as the Norm 1.

Google OAuth2 Limited Use Disclosure

The Norm App’s use of information received from Google APIs will adhere to the Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.


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